Forget PIN numbers and secret codes. Soon you can access your accounts with the touch of a fingerprint. It’s called fingerprint biometrics, and it’s coming to an ATM near you. Electronic sensors detect the ridge and valley patterns of your fingertips, guaranteeing accurate access through the power of touching a screen with your thumb or forefinger.

We can find a biblical parallel in Mark 5 when a discouraged, bleeding soul found access to the Savior by the touch of a fingertip to the hem of His garment. For years, she’d been afflicted, and doctors had taken her last penny. Approaching the Great Physician, she bravely reached out her hand and touched the hem of His robe. A flash of healing power left Him and dispensed rays of healing into her body.

Just one touch as He moves along,
Pushed and pressed by the jostling throng,
Just one touch and the weak was strong,
Cured by the Healer divine.
(Birdie Bell, 1897)

If you need a dose of encouragement or healing today, just reach out the finger of faith and touch the hem of His garment. He is passing your way, and His grace is for the taking. (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 3-4-06)

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