From the Jan. 23, 2012, Turning Point Daily Devotional: In his book, Seismic Shifts, Kevin Harney tells about Dan and Dawn who had been active in church but had never reached the point of giving a full 10 percent of their income to the Lord. They were juggling the expenses of a growing family; but they felt God wanted them to increase their giving, and they established a plan to do it in increments. One day, Dan felt it was time to make the final step. He sat down with Dawn to suggest giving a full 10 percent—a tithe. Smiling at him, she said, “We have been tithing for the past three months!” God had been so faithful in meeting their needs that Dan hadn’t missed the money and hadn’t realized his wife had accelerated the schedule.

“David Jeremiah notes, ‘Money is one way we can see who we are. If we try to control our money on our own, we do not trust Him as we should. If we honor Him in giving, it’s a mark of faith and faithfulness.”

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