When was the last time you heard a good word from a total stranger? This happened to me recently, as I was walking from the parking lot to the building where I’m currently working. There generally isn’t much interaction between pedestrians and drivers or passengers, but this day something different happened.

I was about halfway to the office building when I glanced at a school bus headed in the same direction as I was. The weather was actually pretty nice for the time of year, and sure enough some of the bus windows were open! I remembered my own days of riding school buses, before obtaining a driver’s license and a car, and hoped the passengers would have a good day.

To my surprise, I heard a young person’s voice, saying, “Have a great day, Sir!” I instinctively waved in the direction of the bus and hoped whoever it was who had wished me a good day could see I heard the message. That doesn’t happen much these days, but I’m sure glad that student took a moment to wish me a good day. It was a very good day, indeed!

So, we don’t necessarily have to extend greetings from open windows—which the drivers may not appreciate!—but we can take a moment and wish somebody a good day. Solomon wrote, “Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land" (Prov. 25:25). Imagine how much better it will be when the good news comes from even closer!

Who could profit from a good word from you or me today?

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