In a recent Turning Point Daily Devotional, David Jeremiah writes: “Children will sometimes fake an illness to get out of school and may even convince themselves they are sick. The Pharisees had the opposite problem. They convinced themselves they were better than others and avoided those they saw as lower than themselves.

“Jesus confused them. His authority and healing power could have allowed Him to choose His associates and gain status in the synagogue. Instead, He was moved with compassion toward those who called upon Him: the sick, destitute and unclean.

“Pride makes us blind to the work of God. We forget His sovereignty. Pride also blinds us to our own need for a Savior, and we withhold grace from those we feel do not deserve it. It is important to confess our pride, or we will end up as the Pharisees, taking God’s grace for granted and missing opportunities to lead others to Christ. If we are not careful, pride will distance us from others and from God.”

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