What if 90 people showed up unexpectedly at your house expecting lunch? That’s what happened when Gov. William Bradford declared a day of public Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony. Suddenly 90 Indians showed up to celebrate with them, and the Pilgrims almost panicked when they realized how many they had to feed. To make matters worse, the Indians showed up a day early!
As it turned out, the Indians, too, had been preparing for the feast. They brought five dressed deer and more than a dozen wild turkeys. The Indian women went to work, showing the Pilgrim wives how to make hoecakes and corn pudding. Between meals, the Pilgrims and Indians competed in games, including races and wrestling. All in all, the celebration lasted three days, but the highlight was when William Brewster stood and offered a solemn prayer of thanksgiving to God who had protected them by His providence and provided for their needs.

Food, sports and thanksgiving—it all goes back a long way. Let’s not forget the thanksgiving part! (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 11-24-07)

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