Truett Cathy passed away Sept. 8, 2014, at the age of 93. He had lived a remarkable life. He started his professional life at a small café near Atlanta, where he developed a chicken sandwich that became the foundation of his successful restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A. Cathy wrote five books. He won numerous awards and honors.

What is extraordinary was his commitment to humble service. He helped young people in many ways, including summer camps, providing support to foster homes for children and scholarships for their education. What is perhaps most remarkable of all is that for more than 50 years, Cathy taught Sunday School at his Baptist church, teaching junior high boys. A major entrepreneur and CEO saw the value in investing his life with one of the most challenging age groups in the church.

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A third generation preacher, Mike Shannon is Professor of Preaching at Cincinnati Bible Seminary of Cincinnati Christian University. He has served as a preaching minister, church planter, and college professor. His most recent preaching ministry was at the historic First Christian Church of Johnson City, Tennessee. In his nearly two decades at Cincinnati Christian University, Mike has served as both professor and Dean of the Seminary. He has also been an adjunct professor at Milligan College and Northern Kentucky University. Mike is the author or co-author of several books.

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