Unamuno, the Spanish philosopher, tells about the aqueduct built by the Romans in Segovia in 109 A.D. For 1800 years, that aqueduct carried cool water from the mountains down to the hot, thirsty city. Nearly 60 generations drank from the water that flowed through that aqueduct.

Finally a more modern generation came along that wanted to preserve the aqueducts for their children, so they laid modern pipes and cut off the flow of water through the aqueduct. Can you guess what happened? The aqueducts began to fall apart. The sun beating on the dry mortar caused it to crumble. The bricks and stones began to sag. What ages of service could not destroy, idleness disintegrated. (Resource, Sept.-Oct. ’92)

Our vitality as Christian leaders will follow our commitment to service in Jesus’ name. The heart of kingdom leadership is a servant’s heart.

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