In his Turning Point daily devotional, David Jeremiah writes: “A group sets out on a journey, accompanied by a servant, Leo, who is a powerful presence. Leo performs all the menial tasks and also encourages and motivates by his spirit. One day Leo disappears, the group falls apart, and the journey is abandoned.

“Years later, one of the members encounters Leo and discovers he is the powerful leader of the organization that originally sponsored the journey. That story inspired Robert Greenleaf to found the modern servant leadership movement.

“Is it possible to be a servant and also a leader? Is it possible to be humble and wise? The answer is yes—Jesus was a servant and a leader, humble and wise (Matt. 23:11; Mark 10:45). The apostle James wrote that true good works are done in the meekness [humility] of wisdom.’ Wisdom is always wise for two reasons: First, wisdom comes from fearing the Lord, something arrogance cannot do (Prov. 9:10). Second, the Hebrew meaning of wisdom is “skill”—and experience shows the most skillful leaders are the most humble.

“When you lead today (and everyone is a leader somewhere), purpose to lead with the humility of wisdom.”

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