When Tammy Harris turned 21, she began searching for her biological mother, who had also been searching for Tammy for 20 years. The Associated Press reported that what Tammy didn’t know was that her mother was a coworker at the store where she worked! Through conversation, the two learned of their similar searches and began comparing backgrounds—and in a short time fell into each other’s arms in a joyous reunion.

America has been called a nation of intimate strangers. Most people come in contact with scores of people every day, yet ache in their loneliness. How is it possible to be around so many people without ever getting close—getting beneath the surface of their lives? We’re busy, intimidated, self-absorbed…so we live alone in our crowds; but that’s not the way God made us to live! We were created to be together in meaningful relationships, especially with those with whom we share a common spiritual Father. (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 2-15-05)

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