In his Turning Point Daily Devotional for April 3, 2014, David Jeremiah writes: “We know the bus we need to catch is always on time. A friend who has promised to help us on Saturday is one who always keeps his word. The pension check we need by the end of the month never has been late. Certainty—or as close as we can get to it in human terms—brings peace of mind.

“The truth is, nothing is absolutely certain in life. Things happen that never have happened before. So if we achieve a degree of peace by trusting in things that are less than certain, how much more peace could we enjoy by trusting in Someone who never has failed? The psalmist wrote, ‘Your testimonies, which You have commanded, are righteous and very faithful’ (very certain; Ps. 119:138). The apostle Paul said that when we commit our uncertainties to God in prayer, ‘the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus’ (Phil 4:7). We have peace because we believe in God’s absolute trustworthiness.

“If peace seems elusive in your life today, commit yourself to God, commit your concerns to Him in prayer, and then rest peacefully as you trust in Him.”

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