In his Oct. 8, 2012, Turning Point Daily Commentary, David Jeremiah writes: “Remember when you first drew pictures with an Etch A Sketch? If you wanted to change your mind, you could simply shake it. Everything would disappear, and you could start all over again. It’s one of the most popular toys in history.

“Unfortunately, too often our society writes its moral standards on its own Etch A Sketch. Our cultural sense of right and wrong is based on societal consensus, not on the unchanging Word of God. In abandoning the absolute standards of a holy God, we’ve become a world in which morality is relative; it’s whatever people want it to be.

“Christians take a different view. The Lord didn’t write His Commandments on an Etch A Sketch. They were carved in stone, indicating their durable and permanent value. The commands of God flow from His character and establish the moral baseline of the universe. No matter how hard it tries, this world can never erase the truth of God’s Word or the demands of His Ten Commandments. They are rock solid, and we can base our moral codes on the tablets of His holiness.”

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