In his book The Gospel of Yes, Mike Glenn points out that discovering the person whom Christ created you to be and the purpose for which you were created frees you from the paralysis of having to make decisions repeatedly. In a recent blog post, he writes: “Your choices are actually boiled down to two questions; first, does this action/opportunity reflect who I am in Christ? Second, does this action/opportunity bring me closer to the purposes for which I was created?

“Let me give you an example. I have been married to Jeannie for 32 years. Thirty-two years ago, I said ‘Yes’ to Jeannie and that, of course, meant I said ‘No’ to every other relationship. As I go through my day, my only questions are these: Does this action bring me closer to Jeannie (i.e., buying her flowers). If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then I buy the flowers. If the answer is ‘No,’ I don’t do it.

“The main reason many of us are stuck is that we never have taken the time to figure out who we are and determine where we’re going. As a Christ-follower, I believe we know ourselves best in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Because He is the One who created us, He is the One who knows us best. In getting to know Christ, we come to know ourselves. This liberates us to lives as our authentic selves, free from the false freedom of choices that distract us from a life of meaning and purpose.”

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