Debra Fine (in The Fine Art of Small Talk) wrote about 8-year-old Nick who told his dad about his day: “Dad, I had a great day at school. We had art class today, and I painted a cool picture of the mountains. We played soccer during gym, and I scored a goal. And guess what? They served pizza for lunch.”

Looking at his dad whose nose was in the newspaper, Nick said, “Dad, you’re not listening.” His dad replied, “Yes I am, Son. You painted a picture of the mountains, scored a goal in soccer, and had pizza for lunch.”

Nicolas was unappeased. “No, Dad; that’s not it. You’re not listening to me with your eyes.”

David Jeremiah observes: “As parents, we don’t always listen to our children as we should (hopefully we’re improving), but our heavenly Father always listens with His ears, His eyes and His heart. We have His full attention. You can tell Him anything.”

(Turning Point Daily Devotional, June 30, 2012)

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