Never underestimate the power of a small act of kindness. CBS News recently ran a story about a man named Dan Dewey. Dan got acquainted with cancer patients at his local Royal Oaks, Mich., hospital when his father was a patient. His father quit coming seven years ago, but Dan still goes through the rooms taking orders from the patients for cups of coffee. He generally pays for the coffee himself, costing him more than $10,000. Sometimes others will help him with donations. He has added another hospital to his run. The employees have noted the joy people receive is not just from the coffee, but from the relationship. Dan, who is now retired, will accept no payment, saying all he needs is a smile. Dan Dewey is proof that a small act of kindness can bring great joy.

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A third generation preacher, Mike Shannon is Professor of Preaching at Cincinnati Bible Seminary of Cincinnati Christian University. He has served as a preaching minister, church planter, and college professor. His most recent preaching ministry was at the historic First Christian Church of Johnson City, Tennessee. In his nearly two decades at Cincinnati Christian University, Mike has served as both professor and Dean of the Seminary. He has also been an adjunct professor at Milligan College and Northern Kentucky University. Mike is the author or co-author of several books.

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