Alan Redpath wrote, “It was C.H. Spurgeon, I think, who one day after a morning service was confronted by a lady who said to him, ‘Mr. Spurgeon, that was a wonderful sermon you preached this morning.’

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “The devil told me that 10 minutes ago.”

Redpath goes on: “What we need in our churches today—urgently, desperately—is not that people should come to hear a preacher, and then tell him what a good (or bad) sermon he preached, but that they should leave the house of God saying, ‘What a wonderful Lord!’ When all praise is given to Him and taken from man, a church rises in spiritual temperature and becomes irresistible.” (Alan Redpath, Victorious Praying: Studies in the Family Prayer; provided by Franklin Kirksey)

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