My wife and I were traveling a few years ago, and we thought we’d get a drive-through meal. She wanted an ice cream cone, so I ordered one for her. The young lady working at the drive-through window gave me the cone, and I handed it over to my wife.

She ate some of it, and then offered me a taste. Well, I was kind of thirsty, and the drinks hadn’t made it to our car yet, so I took a taste. It was delicious!

Would you believe it? At that precise moment, the server looked out the drive-through window and in mock anger (I hope), said, “Hey, get your own!” We were embarrassed! OK, it was funny, too. We still laugh about it several years after the fact.

God’s blessings are similar, aren’t they? I mean, think of the many things He has promised. Could it get any better? There is a catch, though: I have to claim my own promises. Trying to claim a promise meant for someone else is worse than trying to sneak a taste of their ice cream!

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