The other day, I noticed a male coworker, trying to open a package of a certain candy product for his significant other. Now, we all understand the need for security in packaging and other things, but this package was sealed above and beyond the call!

Usually, or at least in the recent past, each package had a soft spot, a place where it could be opened. Some packages actually had an image or tag, showing you where to tear the corner open and access your candy. Others—similar to this one—not so much.

She had tried to open her package, but couldn’t. He tried, and seemed to have some trouble, too. Well, being a nice guy (I hope they think that of me!), I offered to try my hand at it.

Tearing at the corner? Nope. Nothing. Couldn’t even feel a change.

Trying to peel apart the seam? That didn’t work, either.

I was about to find my scissors and clip the end of the package when he said, “Hey, thanks, it worked! She got ‘em after all.”

This whole encounter gave me something to think about. Here are a few of these thoughts:

1. We can be glad for security in packaging snacks. Had the pack been already opened…Well, let’s not go there <shudders>.
2. We can feel dismayed when we spend good money for something we can’t use or eat! That pack of candy might have been able to survive Armageddon, the vial judgments, and who knows what else!
3. Sometimes our best isn’t good enough. We try—and try harder—but there are times when we can’t make it work.
4. There are times when all we need is a helping hand from a friend. Whether it’s on the job or opening a package, when there’s someone who wants to help, it can be a good thing. I myself am grateful beyond words for all those who have helped me in so many ways. Thanks to you all.

When our Lord gives us a chance to help another person, even if it’s only trying to help open a package, I hope we’ll do our best. Many people need our assistance. Let’s do what we can!

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