During the days of the British Empire, it was said the sun never set on the Union Jack. Because the Union Jack consists of three crosses superimposed one on top of the other, it could be said the sun never set on the cross. It is still true today. The day begins on the Island of Tonga at the International Date Line, and there is a cross on the flag of Tonga. Before the day ends there, it has begun in New Zealand and Australia, where there are crosses on those flags. Before the sun sets on Australia, it has risen in Africa, where the flag of Burundi displays a cross.

Before the day ends in Africa, it has begun in Europe, where more than nine countries have crosses on their flags. Before the sun sets on Europe, it has risen in the new world, where Caribbean countries such as Bermuda, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands display crosses. It also has risen on North America, where Iceland displays a cross, and on Canadian provinces from Newfoundland to Alberta and British Columbia, which display crosses on their provincial flags. In addition, when the day ends in western Canada, a new day has begun on the Island of Tonga. The sun never sets on the cross.

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