Xerox Corp. says it has found a way to create temporary images on paper that would self-erase in 24 hours or less. The special pages theoretically could be used again and again—as much as 50 times.

The idea started in the early 2000s when researchers discovered 40 percent of printed pages are used for the day, then thrown away. With that in mind, Xerox decided there was clear demand for paper that could be reused, but not recycled, on a daily basis.

The team designed paper covered with special chemicals. Once the paper goes through the printer, the chemicals are exposed to a light source that causes the text on the paper gradually to fade. It disappears completely in 16 to 24 hours, but can be quickly erased by running it through the printer again.

Though documents are not yet printed on this paper, in reality, all printed material is temporary. Except, Christians have a more sure Word. The Word of God has been settled in heaven forever. ( newsletter)

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