Only a Cobbler

William Carey, sometimes called “the father of modern missions,” always seemed to have a humble spirit. In young manhood he had a job repairing shoes. As the years went by, honors were heaped upon him because of his many accomplishments. Yet this unassuming man would only accept positions and appointments that opened the way for him to do more work in Christ’s service. Even at the zenith of his popularity, one of his most striking characteristics was his meek and selfless attitude. To emphasize this point, The Illustrator related an incident that occurred at a state dinner given in his honor. With a sneer a jealous English officer asked the host, “Wasn’t your great Dr. Carey once just a shoemaker?” Before the man could reply, the renowned missionary, who was near enough to hear the remark, answered with quiet dignity, “No, sir, I was not that skilled. I was only a cobbler.”

Humility is one of the Christian’s loveliest virtues; may God help all of us to obtain that rare and crowning grace!

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