In an interview in the March-April 2003 issue of The Door, preacher/author Calvin Miller observed, “Michael Card and I are kind of amateur astronomers, and he’s much better at it than I am. We were in his backyard one night, and he gave me a book by an astronomer that opened my eyes. When you look through these telescopes you see a pinpoint of light, and you call it a star. We can chart big maps of where the stars are, but the truth is they’re nowhere. They’re moving horribly fast, but at these great distances at which we live they appear to be stationary.

“This book said something like, if you could just move close enough to them they would no longer be pinpoints of light. They’re raging hydrogen explosions that would engulf you in flame and destroy everything. They’re immense in size. But at a great distance they seem stolid.

“I think the same thing is true of God. A lot of (us) see Him through a Sunday school quarterly at a safe distance. He seems to be locatable and knowable in these little logical terms and theologies that we throw at him, but up close He is indeed a raging fire. When we’re near Him we understand what humility is.”


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