There was a funny scene in the series “All in the Family” when Edith was still a part of Archie’s household. Edith, in her own way, was kind of a saintly person. Archie is complaining, as Archie commonly did. He says to her, “That’s you all right. Edith, the Good. You’ll stoop to anything to be good. You never yell. You never swear. You never make nobody mad. You think its easy living with a saint? Even when you cheat you don’t cheat to win. You cheat to lose. Edith, you ain’t human.” Edith says, “That’s a terrible thing to say, Archie Bunker. I am just as human as you are.” Archie retorts, “Oh, yeah…then prove you’re just as human as me. Do something rotten.”

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