Greek Mythology contains the story of Pandora's Box. The lovely Pandora was sent by Zeus to be the bride of Epimetheus. One of Pandora's more endearing charms was her curiosity, but that quality also nearly proved to be her undoing.

One day, Mercury the messenger sent a box to the young couple. It was meant for them to enjoy, but under no circumstances were they to open it. Well, of course, it is the old story of the forbidden fruit. Told that she could not do it, it became the thing she desired to do the most. So one day, she pried it open and peeked inside. Suddenly out flew swarms of insects that began attacking them. Both lovers were stung with the poison of suspicion, hatred, fear and malice. Now the once happy couple began to argue. Epimetheus became bitter, and Pandora wept with a broken heart.

In the midst of the quarreling, they heard a tiny voice cry out: Let me out…to soothe your pain. Fearfully they opened the box again, and this time a beautiful butterfly emerged. It touched the couple; miraculously their pain was healed, and they were happy again. The butterfly was hope. Hope sustains us and hope that soothes our pain. (

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