In England, when they caution you about a potentially dangerous step, the sign
reads: Mind the Step. If it’s a low overhead that demands caution, the sign
reads: Mind Your Head. They use the word “mind” in the sense of paying attention.

We need to use the term “mind” in the sense of obedience. “Mind your
mother” we were told as children. In that same sense, we need to say,
“Mind your head.” So many today are saying, “Follow your
heart.” That can cause a lot of grief and get you into plenty of trouble.
You will be a lot happier if you mind your head!

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Robert Shannon, a retired preacher living in North Carolina, began preaching at the age of 16. He has preached in churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida, his longest ministry at First Christian Church of Largo Florida. Now in semi-retirement, he has preached regularly for churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. He has also contributed to kingdom work as a missionary to Eastern Europe and as a Bible College professor. He is past-president of the North American Christian Convention. Bob is the author or co-author of several books.

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