In an isolated corner of Ghana in Africa they have a strange idea of guilt and
atonement. They believe that guilt involves the whole community. If there is no
atonement by someone, the whole community will suffer from the vengeance of the
gods. So often innocent people suffer as atonement for someone else’s sins.
Recently newspapers reported the case of a twelve year old girl who was born to
a woman raped by a relative. This victim of incest and rape was herself
committed to slavery for a lifetime. She must atone for another’s crime. This
pagan faith has ideas that are just the opposite of Christian faith.
Christianity teaches that every one shall give account of himself to God. There
is no collective punishment. Christianity does have the concept of an innocent
person suffering for the sins of another, but the innocent person is the Son of
God, Who voluntarily suffered for our sins once and for all. No one else needs
to atone for our sins. “Jesus paid it all!”

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Robert Shannon, a retired preacher living in North Carolina, began preaching at the age of 16. He has preached in churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida, his longest ministry at First Christian Church of Largo Florida. Now in semi-retirement, he has preached regularly for churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. He has also contributed to kingdom work as a missionary to Eastern Europe and as a Bible College professor. He is past-president of the North American Christian Convention. Bob is the author or co-author of several books.

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