The Christian’s “Taste Berry”

It is said that in Africa there is a fruit called the “taste berry,” because it changes a person’s tastes so that everything eaten tastes sweet and pleasant. Sour fruit, even if eaten several hours after the “taste berry,” become sweet and delicious.

Gratitude is the “taste berry” of Christianity, and when our hearts are filled with gratitude, nothing that God sends us seems too unpleasant to us.

Sorrowing heart, sweeten your grief with gratitude. Burdened soul, lighten your burden by singing God’s praises. Disappointed one, dispel your loneliness by making other grateful. Sick one, grow strong in soul, thanking God that He loves you enough to chasten you.

Keep the “taste berry” of gratitude in your hearts, and it will do for you what the “taste berry” of Africa does for the African.

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