Satanic activities continually make the headlines. Bombing, murder, rape, fraud – the depressing accounts are endless. I can almost hear the devil’s sinister laugh as he sees the pessimism and hopelessness these reports create in the hearts of people everywhere.

Good news, on the other hand, is uplifting. In March 1900, Dr. Charles M. Sheldon, author of In His Steps, served as editor-in-chief of the Topeka Daily Capital for one week. His temporary appointment was the result of a challenge to the newspaper. For a clergyman to head up a group of hard-boiled reporters was news in itself. But he did it with great success. The first thing he did was make some drastic policy changes. No drinking, smoking, or profanity was allowed in the editorial offices. Signed editorials appeared on the front page while crime stories, theatrical notices, and social events were played down. One story about a famine in India carried an appeal for relief funds. More than a millions dollars poured in and was sent to Bombay. Circulation skyrocketed. “Novelty! Publicity!” clamed the critics. But people read the good news.


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