Oscar Hammerstein
had seen a picture, a photograph of the top of the Statue of Liberty from a
helicopter. And he said, “This picture reveals the intricate detail that
has been sculpted on Lady Liberty’s head, her hair and her crown and all of
those things at that angle which no one could ever see,” And he said, “I
got to thinking that sculptor must have realized that never will anyone see
the top of the Statue of Liberty’s head, since there were no airplanes or helicopters
when the statue was set in place. But he spent the same kind of detail and care
and painstaking craftsmanship on the top of Lady Liberty’s head as he did down
at the feet and everywhere else that would be seen by everyone.” Little
did he know that someone could see it from above, someday!

That’s the way
it is with our lives. Someone is looking down from above carefully noting the
progress and quality of our existence.

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