Tithe in the Spirit of Love

The Sevenfold Blessing Of The Tithe

1. It blesses the heart by making it receptive to God’s will.
2. It blesses the life by lifting it to a higher plane of grace.
3. It blesses the hands by making them willing to do God’s work.
4. It blesses the mind by giving it the satisfaction of doing the right thing.
5. It blesses the nine-tenths that remain because God has been honored.
6. It blesses the individual by giving him a part in God’s world-wide program of work.
7. It blesses the church by enabling it to carry out a greater ministry.

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If every church member in the United States were to suddenly lose his/her job and went on welfare, and yet were willing to tithe from the minimal amount received from public assistance, giving in the nation’s churches would immediately increase over 30%!

Love of the right use of money is the root of all good.

-The Herald of the Covenant

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