People find different ways to deal with family conflicts. But a 25-year-old Norwegian woman discovered a rather imaginative way to deal with her father, who had moved in with her after his divorce. She’s giving him away over the Internet.
According to a March 10 Associated Press story, Nina Groenland loves dear old dad, but having him as a roommate isn’t working out. So she placed a classified ad on the Internet looking for a new wife for her 52-year-old dad.
“Giving away my daddy to a good-natured lady in Trondheim,” Groenland’s electronic ad read. “Daddy is tall, dark, slim and in his best age. I’m sick of him since he is living in my house. Furniture included.”
“It started as a joke, but we’ve had one serious call,” she said. Adds the father: “I’d like to hear from American ladies as well.”

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