Did you hear about the farmer that had a brilliant dog? He had a neighbor that just absolutely was negative, no matter what.
If it was raining, the farmer would say to his neighbor, “Boy, look at it rain, God’s sort of washing it clean.”
“Yeah, but if it keeps up it’s gonna flood.”

Then the sun would come out and he’d say, “If it keeps that up, it’s gonna just scorch the crops.”

The farmer thought, “What am I gonna do to win this guy?” So he trained his dog to walk on water. He didn’t tell his neighbor, he just took him duck hunting. Boom!Boom! They brought these ducks out of the sky, and he said to his dog, “Go get ’em” The dog went across, picked them up, and hopped back in the boat, nothing wet – just paws. The farmer said, “What do you think of that?”

The neighbor said, “He can’t swim, can he?

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