The Chemistry of Faith

A man who works in the field of chemistry pointed out that if you mix hydrogen and oxygen, the well-known components of water, you get no reaction-and no water! But if you add a small amount of platinum to this stable mixture, things began to happen very rapidly. The hydrogen and oxygen unite and a chemical change occurs which produces H2O.

Just as platinum is needed as a catalyst to achieve the desired result, so faith must be present in our walk with the Lord if we are to experience progress in our relationship with Him. We have to rely wholly upon the wisdom and integrity of God’s written Word and be confident that He can and will do the things He has promised. Furthermore, we must abandon any reservations that might hinder our Christian growth if we want the kind of transformation that true faith can bring. This vital ingredient must be introduced to give meaning to our Bible reading, our prayers, and our church attendance. If we follow this formula, we will see the difference Christ can make in our lives. Then we’ll fully understand the “Chemistry” of spiritual change.

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