In Anaheim, California is a piece of property that is nothing short of remarkable. Fifty years ago not a person alive would have ever dreamed that millions of folks from around the world would come and visit that piece of property. But one dreamer, way ahead of his time, shocked his board and a few friends when he talked about a fantasy land where people could come and for a little while lose their worries as they enjoyed another land.

Disneyland has come to pass. Now you would have thought that with a man having a dream like that, somebody on the other side of the continent would beat him to the punch and would dream of something like that in Central Florida. But, no, here comes another man who puts a section of the country virtually on the map. It even has to continue on after his death to completion.

Mike Vance tells about being at Disney World soon after its completion: someone said, “isn’t it too bad, Mike, that Walt Disney didn’t live to see this.” Vance replied, “Oh, he did see it, and that’s why it’s here!”

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Communion Reward

Faith honors God and God honors faith! If we abide in His will and trust Him implicitly the Lord will reward our confidence. An incident from the lives of Robert and Mary Moffat underscores this truth in an interesting way. For 10 years these two missionaries faithfully pursued their endeavors in Bechuanaland without one ray of encouragement brightening their way. Not a single person was converted to Christ. Finally the directors of their mission board began to question the wisdom of continuing the work. The very thought of leaving their post, however, brought grief to the devoted couple who felt sure that eventually they would see the fruits of their labors. They stayed on and for two more years the forces of darkness reigned. Then a friend in England wrote to Mrs. Moffat that she wanted to send her a gift and asked for a suggestion. In her reply she requested nothing for herself, although she could have used many things. Rather she pleaded, “Send us a communion set; I’m sure we will need one soon.” God honored her faith, for the Holy Spirit began to work in hearts and a short time later six people accepted the Savior. Soon a small group had united to form a church for fellowship and to study the Bible. The communion set from England was delayed en route; but on the very day before the Lord’s Supper was to be observed, the gift arrived. Truly, faith had been rewarded!

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