A little girl named Mary was in bed one night preparing for lights-outs. Prayers had been said and Mom had hugged her. Perhaps in an effort to put-off sleeptime, Mary asked her mother why God created night-time. “Why didn’t he make it daytime all the time?”

Her mother mumbled something about how it’s easier to sleep in the dark and we all need rest, but Mary interrupted her saying, “Oh, I know why it gets dark at night; that’s when God puts the world into his pocket!”

What a profound statement of faith! What a wonderful attitude to take to bed, to believe that even as we sleep, the one who loves us more than we can comprehend has us securely in his pocket. Theologians write big books about faith, but Mary mastered it with beautiful simplicity.

(Bill Bouknight, “Just a Thought,” 2/10/04)

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