Now White is White?

A minister said that once he had a small white Highland terrier which he kept spotlessly clean by frequent washing, brushing, and powdering. One night a winter storm dropped a fresh blanket of snow on the country side, and the next morning the whole world seemed to glisten under the splendor of the morning sun. As the clergy man stood gazing out his window, he saw a drab-looking dog walk across the snow. He wondered whose it was-then suddenly realized it was his own well-groomed terrier! It was as clean as always, but against that dazzling background it appeared dirty.

In much the same way, our corrupt nature is clearly revealed when our lives are measured by the absolute standard of Divine holiness. The Bible says that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” We make a favorable impression when compared with other men but none of us can stand up against the pure whiteness of the character of Christ.

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