David Jeremiah tells about the group of men gathered one Saturday morning to help paint a friend’s large, two-story home. Toward the end of the day when the job was almost complete, a small bit of trim, which actually could not be seen from the ground, remained unpainted. One of the men said, “Since nobody can see that piece of trim, I guess we don’t need to paint it.” “Not true,” said another of the crew as he went for a ladder. “God sees it.”

The difference in the two approaches is the difference between working man’s way and working God’s way; working in light of the end of the day versus working in light of the end of life; working for immediate rewards versus working for ultimate rewards. It’s easy to get confused about who we really work for in this life. We go to work and interact with a human boss who makes the rules and signs the checks. We may face him at the end of the day; but at the end of the age, we will come face to face with the ultimate “Boss,” God himself. What we got away with on the job will be made known, and what went unrewarded will be paid in full.

The best way to get high marks on our final “employee review” is to picture God as our employer each day. (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 5-24-04)

-PreachingNow Vol. 3:21

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