In one of his recent columns, investigative reporter Jack Anderson discussed how Christianity has survived persecution in the USSR. He wrote, “Reports seeping out of Russia indicate that the Christian ‘problem’ has become serious enough to warrant a concerted crackdown by the authorities…The amazing thing about the Kremlin’s crackdown is the evidence it gives that Christianity still survives after more than 60 years of official repression. The regime’s fury is a tribute to the courage and devotion of Christian determinedly practicing their faith in defiance of the overwhelming power of the hostile rulers. It is a story unmatched since the days of the Roman Empire.

No, nothing can stamp out Christianity. In fact, in times of great persecution, the ballad of martyrs becomes the seed of the church. Therefore, even when we are the targets of animosity and abuse, we can face the future with confidence. We are on the winning side; we know that the ultimate triumph will be ours. The church of Jesus Christ, though all hell be loosed upon it, stands sure. Yes, the church is indestructible!


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