Like Father, Like Son

Father’s do influence their children. Abbie Hobbman was arrested 53 times, lived underground for six years and never ran out of causes. When he died last week, at 52, he was remembered by many as the last yippie of a generation that has spawned its share of yuppies.

In an interview with freelance writer Craig Unger, Hoffman noted that “the great changes in American society are initiated in the streets and then are institutionalized,” he said, alluding to the Boston Tea Party. Still, he confessed that “after you’ve gone to your 10,00th movement meeting, you get a little jealous of people like Tome Hayden. I wouldn’t mind having some money. I’m broke.” But the Hoffman spirit lives on. Of his youngest son, America, he said, “He’s been kicked out of class seven times already. I’m very proud of him.”

-US News & World Report

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