The Arlington Institute think tank in Washington, D.C., hosted an event in 2004 called “Breakthrough Technologies for the World’s Biggest Problems.” Some of the world’s foremost engineers, inventors, thinkers and social leaders presented ground-breaking innovations and theories designed to solve issues from world hunger to global warming. John Peterson, the Institute’s president, said, “Humanity’s future is inextricably tied to technology.”

While such efforts are admirable, this idea has a major flaw. Until man designs a machine that can destroy selfishness or medical research uncovers a sin vaccine, the remedy we need always will lie far beyond the world of science. The root of the world’s biggest problems reaches to the darkest parts of the human spirit and the violation of one of God’s foundational commands: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:18). (Today in the Word, May 2007)

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