An illustration from Davon Huss: In his best-selling book called Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer relates the hazards that plagued some climbers as they attempted to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Andy Harris, one of the expedition leaders stayed at the peak too long, and on his descent he was in dire need of oxygen. Harris radioed the base camp and told them about his predicament.

He mentioned that he had come across a cache of oxygen canisters left by the other climbers, but they were all empty. The climbers who already passed the canisters on their own descent knew they were not empty but full. They pleaded with him on the radio to make use of them, but it was to no avail. Harris was starved for oxygen, but he continued to argue that the canisters were empty.

The problem was that the lack of what he needed had so disoriented his mind that though he was surrounded by something that would give him life, he continued to complain of its absence. The lack of oxygen had ravaged his capacity to recognize what was right in front of him.

What oxygen is to the body, Jesus is to the soul. Some of us are suffocating and starving, and we don’t know it. Jesus is offering life to us while we run around trying to appease our appetites. We never will be filled until we take of the Bread and Water of life, Jesus Christ. (

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