In the Dec. 29, 2003 edition of his weblog, R. Albert Mohler talks about the Sermon on the Mount and its significance for Christians as they confront a pagan culture: “The Church is God’s Christian counter-culture. The Sermon on the Mount is thus Christ’s call to a Christian counter-revolution. No force on earth can match the influence of Christian disciples bearing witness to salvation in Jesus Christ and exhibiting lifestyles which befit citizens of the Kingdom.

“This is how Christians wage a culture war. Not with armaments and artillery, not with the sword but with the Spirit – not with worldly power but with the Gospel. Important battles must be fought in the courts, in the schools, and in the marketplace of ideas. But the Church must fight its battles with character and not with cowardice, and with truth rather than technique. God’s moral counter-revolutionaries bear the mark of the crucified and resurrected Christ and order their lives by the precepts of the eternal Kingdom. Christians cannot avoid political engagement, but the concern of the Church is never merely political.”

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