Eugene Neil of Austin, Texas, decided to rob a pizza restaurant. He wore his
motorcycle helmet to conceal his identity. It seemed like a good idea. It had a
full face visor with darkened plastic. Nobody would recognize him. Nobody did,
but his name was printed on the front of the helmet and he was soon arrested.
“…Be sure, your sin will find you out.”

The pizza robber’s experience put him on an interesting list of bungled
burglaries. Three car thieves attempted to break into a pickup truck in
Larkspur, California. The owner saw them, chased them, and hailed a police car.
So the three jumped over a fence. The fence surrounded San Quentin prison! They
had broken into prison. Bank thieves locked themselves into a bank vault in
West Covina, California and had to be rescued by the police. And in Kansas,
three boys in a stolen car stopped to ask directions. They thought it was a
convenience store; it was a police station.

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