When Corrie ten Boom was a little girl, her father used to tuck her into bed at night. He talked and prayed with her, then laid his big hand on her little face. Later, when Corrie was imprisoned in a brutal concentration camp, she would ask God to tuck her in and lay His hand on her face. “That would bring me peace, and I would be able to sleep,” Corrie wrote in her book, Each New Day.



David Jeremiah writes, “One of our Lord’s Names is Emmanuel, meaning ‘God with us.’ Our dads or moms may no longer be around to tuck us into bed, but our Emmanuel never leaves us. Sometimes it helps to envision His presence in the car beside us, sitting by us in the pew at church, or leaning over us in bed as if to tuck us in. It’s not a matter of visualizing an imaginary person but of recognizing a Friend’s presence.



“Jesus said, ‘Lo, I am with you always.’ So be strong and of good courage, and do not fear or be dismayed, for the Lord God will be with you.”  (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 12-18-06)



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