In a recent sermon, Leith Anderson asked, “Did you see the movie Air Force One starring Harrison Ford? The President’s Boeing 747 is hijacked by terrorists. The President is a former soldier who fights back. Eventually there is no crew and the plane is going down. Only the President and one terrorist are left.

To rescue the President a zip-line is connected to the 747 in an attempt to move the President along the wire into the smaller plane. Radio contact is lost. Officials are horrified as the radar shows the 747 go down.

Finally there is radio contact from the smaller plane to the war room at the White House. The pilot says, “Liberty 2-4 is changing call signs. Liberty 2-4 is now Air Force One.” It is the presence of the President that makes the plane Air Force One.

When we believe in Jesus Christ we change our call sign. Whatever the reasons, whatever our names, we become Christians. It is the presence of Jesus Christ that makes us Christians.

-PreachingNow Vol. 3:19

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