his Turning Point Daily Devotional for Jan. 14, David Jeremiah wrote: “The German car company, Volkswagen, introduced its Type 1 car in 1938. The Type 1 became affectionately known as the VW Beetle or the VW Bug because of its iconic shape that changed very little for decades. While other car companies continued to revise the exterior of their cars, the Beetle’s upgrades were internal. The never-changing shape of the Beetle became its marketing charm.

"There is something to be said about staying the same while everything around you changes. That is what God wanted for His people. He created a unique and distinct people, a nation that was to walk according to His never-changing statutes. Israel’s constancy was to set the nation apart from the always-changing nations of the world. The constancy of holiness—set-apartness, uniqueness—is to characterize the church of Jesus Christ, as well.

"Does your life change with the ebb and flow of the world’s standards, or does it remain the same? Ask God to make you content with His original design.”

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