Isn’t it strange how a 20 dollar bill seems like such a large amount when you donate it to church, but such a small amount when you go shopping?

Isn’t it strange how two hours seem so long when you’re at church, and so short when you’re watching a good movie?

Isn’t it strange that you can’t find a word to say when you’re praying but you have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend?

Isn’t it strange how difficult and boring you think it is to read one chapter of the Bible but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel?

Isn’t it strange how everyone wants front-row-tickets to concerts or games but they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row in church?

Isn’t it strange how we need to know about an event for church 2-3 weeks before the day so we can include it in our agenda but we can adjust it for other events at the last minute?

Isn’t it strange how difficult it is to learn things about God to share with others but how easy it is to learn, understand, extend and repeat gossip?

Isn’t it strange how everyone wants a place in heaven but they don’t want to believe, do or say anything to get there?

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Basketball players dress simply: shoes, shirts, shorts, and sweatbands. But life is not so simple for football players – and what about ice hockey players? Besides clothes, the athletes in these two sports have to cover themselves with pads and helmets for protection. Regardless of the sport, no athlete can expect to win without the proper equipment.

Paul wrote to Timothy that Scripture was given by God to man that we might be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” How, exactly, does Scripture equip the believer? It teaches us doctrine, it reproves (disciplines) us, it corrects our path, and it instructs us in righteous living. Plus, it gives us our uniform for “offense” (putting on Christ; Romans 13:14) and “defense” (spiritual armor; Ephesians 6:11-18). In addition, we are given our daily practice gear: service, Bible study, fruit of the Spirit, prayer, and obedience. If that sounds like a lot of equipment, consider the stakes: The spiritual life is a winner-take-all contest.

(Turning Point Daily Devotional, 4-20-08)

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Ben Kingsley starred as the main character in the motion picture Gandhi. He spent months preparing for the role, visiting the various Indian locales Gandhi had frequented. He even learned to spin cotton thread on a wooden wheel while holding conversations as Gandhi did. The physical resemblance between Gandhi and Kingsley was almost startling. After filming a scene in a village south of Delhi, Kingsley stepped out of a car, and an elderly peasant knelt to touch his feet. Embarrassed, Kingsley explained that he was merely an actor playing Gandhi. “We know,” replied the villager, “but through you he will surely live again.”

Let me ask you, “Does the Son of God live again through us? You see, that’s also part of Jesus’ prayer for us. That the world will see Christ in us; through our unity and through our love. (Billy D. Strayhorn, Sermon: “One In Christ,”

-PreachingNow Vol. 3:20

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