Dear Ann Landers: I am writing from behind bars. The charge? A felony – child molesting. Not a pleasant subject, I realize, but this letter is not being written to be pleasant or to gain sympathy.

You’ve never seen me in the parks or near playgrounds looking for victims. I don’t play ball and I don’t give out candy. I don’t leer at children or stare at them, yet I’ve never lacked for victims. I’ve held several positions of responsibility working with the public. You’ve probably met me and liked me. Your children have learned that I can fix a bike and will talk to them when no one else has time to listen. When Mom was too busy or Dad was too tired, them came to me. I know more about your children’s teachers and their school problems than you because they knew I was interested.

The two little girls I molested can never regain what was taken away from them and I will spend five years in prison. I was molested as a child and feel certain that at least two of my victims will grow up to be molesters. I am sick at heart, but the damage is done and I can’t undo it.

The next time your child has something to tell you, don’t be too busy to listen. Ask yourself, if I won’t listen, who will?

-Guilty and Ashamed in Monon, Ind.

Dear Monon: You’ve made some valid points. Are you listening, parents?


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