Live What You Believe

I clipped this interesting item from a local newspaper: “A bus driver became annoyed with his job because he had to wait 7 minutes after every run near an open field which ‘litterbugs’ had made into an unofficial dump. He often thought that somebody should do something about that unsightly mess. Once day he himself decided to get out and pick up some of the tin cans and other debris which were lying all around. This improved things so much that he soon was eager to complete his route and spend all his free moments in cleaning up the area. When spring came, he was so enthusiastic about this project that he decided to sow some flower seeds. By the end of the summer many were riding to the end of the line just to see what the motorman had accomplished by doing what he and other had only talked about before.”

The article reminded me of the tremendous gap that often exists in many churches between preaching and practice! Many who know what they believe cause us to wonder if they really believe what they know! An intellectual awareness of the truth is not enough. Belief must take fruit in action.

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