An ancient Chinese parable tells of Old Tan Chang who had a small farm overshadowed by a towering mountain. One day he got the notion to get rid of the mountain. With the help of his wife and sons, he began to hack at the rock around its base. A neighbor walked by and scoffed, "You will never finish the job, old man! There are not enough days in the year for you to do this."

But Tan replied confidently, "I am not as foolish as you think, my friend. I may be old and feeble, but after I am gone, my sons will continue to peck away at the mountain. Then their sons and their sons' sons will do the same. Since the mountain cannot grow, someday it will be level with the ground, and the sun will shine upon our land."

Many of the problems we cannot eliminate instantly can be moved one piece at a time, one day at a time. Did not Jesus share in Matthew 6: 25-34 read a few moments ago, "So do not be anxious about tomorrow, tomorrow will be anxious for itself."  (Eric S. Ritz,

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