When the Answer is Delayed

Dr. Erwin Lutzer talks about how the delays of God produce faith and patience, the two qualities that give Him pleasure. Abraham is our example in this video about the triumph of unanswered prayer.

A Cry from Iran

Today as I was doing some research on Christian persecution, I came upon a website about two brothers who made a film about their martyred father. The film is titled A Cry from Iran and the following is a short description of what the film is about.

Church Called to Address ‘Adultolescence’

Christian Smith, professor of sociology at Notre Dame, wrote in the most recent Books and Culture a review of six books dealing with the new phenomenon of "adultolescence"-that is, the postponement of adulthood into the thirties. I want to relate this phenomenon to the church. But first here is a summary from Smith's article of what it is and how it came about.

Ask Anything?

Last year, as I was preaching through the book of 1 Corinthians, I was struck by the fact that Paul's letter was in large part a series of answers to various questions he received from the church...

Making Room for Atheism

An informed biblical worldview supports pluralism, democracy, and freedom. Christians should neither tolerate coercive secularization of the government, nor should they aim to establish a theocracy.


Yesterday in staff meeting Pastor Bil asked this question; How could you double your output in the next week? The answer in my opinion is Empowerment. What does empowerment mean in the church?